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Divorce is, emotionally and economically, a painful and expensive process at best. At Berid & Schutzbank, our Massachusetts family law attorneys are committed to helping every client utilize the most cooperative process possible to resolve differences with their spouse.

Our firm is experienced in Massachusetts collaborative family law. If you would like to speak with one of our divorce lawyers about minimizing the length of time, economic cost, and emotional scarring caused by divorce through an independent agreement or alternative dispute resolution, contact our family law firm.

Divorce Agreement Process:

If you and your spouse are in agreement on all of the points of your divorce, our divorce attorneys and mediators will draft a Massachusetts divorce agreement for you based on a questionnaire you can fill out without even visiting our office. This is an affordable and effective way to end a marriage, with the assurance that you have considered all the legal points necessary to prevent future problems.

Divorce Mediation Process:

If you and your spouse have some differences, perhaps details concerning custody, child support, spousal support, or property division, and you would like help resolving them, divorce mediation may be a good choice. As a couple you will meet with our trained and neutral mediator, discuss the issues with fair and full disclosure, come to a decision as a couple, and the mediator prepares the agreement approved by the couple. Our firm’s attorneys serve as mediators, or can also represent clients during the mediation process.

Collaborative Divorce Process:

Collaborative / negotiated divorce involves you, your spouse, a divorce coach and an attorney for each party. Your lawyer may be involved by counseling you, speaking for you, or crafting solutions. There will be a series of five-way conferences, in which the five participants all take part in trying to resolve the issues. The goal is to reach an agreement in which the parties have worked out the terms of their divorce. The parties may jointly work with outside mental health or financial counselors or other professionals to investigate questions concerning child related matters or financial issues.

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If you are interested in a cooperative divorce process that enables you to resolve differences with your spouse contact a Massachusetts collaborative law attorney today at Berid & Schutzbank for a confidential consultation.