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A marriage annulment in Massachusetts is different from a divorce because it does not dissolve the marriage; rather it declares judicially that no marriage ever existed. However, given the importance of the institution of the marriage, annulments are not easily allowed by the courts. The statutes and the case law require very specific facts which go to one’s capacity to marry or to whether the marriage has the essentials of the marriage relationship.  Intra-family or multiple marriages will be annulled as a matter of law. Similarly, in cases of underage, insanity or idiocy, marriages will be voided on the grounds of incapacity.

Grounds For An Annulment:

The following are traditional grounds for seeking an annulment: when the facts present fraud, impotency, duress, concealment of a pregnancy by another male, or concealment of contagious diseases. An annulment will only be allowed on these grounds when a case is made that the problem goes to the so-called essence of the marriage relationship.

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