Post Divorce Issues

Divorce Modification and Post Divorce Matters

Often divorce modifications are necessary to address changing circumstances and related post divorce matters. Divorcing couples with children will have to later modify the child related provisions of their divorce judgment as their children’s needs further develop. A significant increase or decrease of income by either spouse, the need to move out of state, the need for more or less visitation or the need for a change in physical custody are just a few common reasons that an individual would seek to modify their divorce judgment.

Parties should consider mediation and the collaborative law process as a method of resolving post divorce issues.

Contempt Complaint:

Additional post litigation takes place where a spouse does not comply with the terms of a divorce agreement or decree (orders after trial) and the other party seeks enforcement. The Court has the authority to enforce compliance via a contempt action. A contempt complaint is where one party alleges that the other party has violated the terms of the agreement, order or judgment. The most common areas in which contempt actions are filed are child support, parenting issues and property disbursements or division.

A party found in contempt may face financial sanctions, jail time, loss of property and may be ordered to pay the filing party’s attorney’s fees and costs.

The attorneys at Berid & Schutzbank have substantial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in contempt actions and work with our clients to protect their rights and interests.

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