Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Lawyer

A pre-martial agreement is a written contract between the parties, prior to their marriage which establishes property division and spousal support in the event of divorce. Each person must disclose to the other his or her assets, and it will determine should there be a divorce what will happen to those assets (real estate, inheritance, money, stocks, etc) ahead of time. Often the agreement will state should there be a divorce who is entitled to alimony, or a lump sum settlement, real estate etc. Both parties should independently take the pre-nuptial agreement to their own lawyer for review before signing.

Marital Agreement:

A marital agreement is a written contract after the marriage between husband and wife which spells out should a divorce take place who gets what property. Again, do not sign this agreement until you have consulted your own attorney.

The validity of these agreements were only recently (July 2010) established in Massachusetts in the case of Ansin v. Craven-Ansin.

Household Management Agreement:

Another type of agreement is Household Management Agreement. This is a contract for couples who plan to live together without getting married. It generally deals with issues concerning the division of property in the event the parties break up. Some agreements also detail how expenses and other daily matters will be handled.

In drafting these types of agreements both parties should NEVER consult the same attorney and should have independent counsel.

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