Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our law firm strives to help the client understand and navigate the family law process. We recognize that at times this can be a very emotional experience. We will help you through these procedures with dignity and respect. We fully appreciate the value of mediation and negotiation as a way of our clients taking charge of the outcomes of their cases. While we recognize the benefits of resolving matters in a manner that limits the natural contentiousness associated with litigation, we are always zealous advocates for our clients.

Attorney Schutzbank is an excellent litigator and skilled negotiator. Our experience shows that one should never be afraid of litigation, but settlement achieved through negotiation better assists our client’s results on their most important priorities. It is this experience that has resulted in Attorney Schutzbank¬†becoming a strong proponent of collaborative law. Settlement with minimal court involvement produces the best results while avoiding the high emotional and financial costs of full litigation.

Attorney Schutzbank is a skilled mediator in the area of family law, and is always willing to work with couples who want to work together to resolve their differences in a neutral supportive setting.

In addition to our traditional family law practice, we engage in collaborative law, where the parties and attorneys agree to work together in a team-like setting from the outset to settle the case before the involvement of the Court. Collaborative law offers a very positive method of resolving problems for those clients who wish to be in better control of the process, are committed to freely exchange information and negotiate in good faith. In the Collaborative Law process, both clients must be willing to participate in this less combative approach, and both attorneys should be trained in its use.

We Focus On Legal Matters Involving Family Law, Criminal Defense, And Elder Care Law

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