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As our society as a whole deals with the pandemic COVID-19 crisis, I want to share with your our plans for keeping our clients, employees and community safe. Berid & Schutzbank will be adhering to all protocols issued by the Commonwealth. My top priority will be to ensure the safety of those we come into contact with while balancing that with continuing to provide the high quality level of legal representation you have come to expect from Berid & Schutzbank. Your safety is our top priority as we continue to navigate this global crisis together.

The New Hampshire Courts have basically closed until April 6th with the exception of certain criminal matters and emergencies. The Massachusetts Courts are in the process of trying to determine how to balance access to justice vs the need to social distance and flatten the curve. The announcements out of the Massachusetts Courts are changing on a daily basis. They closed for March 16th and 17th in order to best determine how to proceed. Prior to that, they issued Standing Orders to take effect on March 18th. We expect further announcements from through today and possibly thereafter. We will be posting updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as we receive them.

Currently, the office remains opens. Should we need to close, the office is fully capable of operating remotely so that we can continue to service our clients at the highest levels. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we all adapt to the current realities of this global crisis. I hope that all of you are staying safe during these challenging times.


Eric Schutzbank, Berid & Schutzbank., LLC

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