Contemplating Your Estate Plan During Covid-19

Get Your Affairs in Order

For most of us, coronavirus and the threat it poses has made us contemplate the status of our estate plans. As thousands of people in the Commonwealth have died of COVID-19 and its complications, many thousands more are ill, and many, many thousands more face unemployment and financial hardship.

There are also innumerable, lesser losses: newborn grandchildren who have yet to meet their grandparents; weddings canceled and postponed; funerals with only a handful of mourners present to celebrate a life well-lived. All this is enough to make anyone consider life and what will become of loved ones after one’s own passage. A central part of smoothing one’s passage from this life for one’s family and friends is to have a will ready, and an estate plan updated, and clearly communicated.

While the coronavirus is most dangerous to people over sixty and those with preexisting conditions, the young and relatively healthy are also at risk of serious complication and even death. This underscores the need even for young people to have their affairs in order. In addition, now is a good time to ensure you have a proper health care proxy and/or durable power of attorney to handle your health and business affairs should you become unable to so for medical or mental health reasons.

Update Your Will and Estate Plan

Our estate planning firm is prepared to assist you during these difficult times. We are available for case evaluations and consultation by phone and over a secure webcam connection. If you are concerned about having your estate plan documents notarized due the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a law has been passed temporarily permitting remote video notarization during the duration of this crisis. Berid & Schutzbank is able to help notarize your documents remotely.

As this situation develops, we are here for you to best address your estate-planning and other legal needs. Our firm is reachable today by phone and through our website messaging system.

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