I was arrested for assault and battery and resisting arrest.

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In North Chelmsford, I was arrested for assault and battery and also charged with resisting arrest.  If I hire an attorney and get off on the battery charge will the resisting arrest charge be dismissed? Thank you.


The purpose of hiring an attorney is for more than simply to “get off” on the charges.  It is imperative that anyone charged with a crime has representation so that one’s constitutional rights are protected throughout the entire criminal process.  Unfortunately, the dismissal or other resolution of an Assault & Battery does not guarantee that the  Resisting Arrest charge will be dismissed.  I would strongly urge you to retain counsel in order to determine your best strategy in handling these serious charges. 

The Chelmsford Assault and Battery Defense lawyers at Berid & Schutzbank provide legal representation to individuals who face criminal charges and can help guide individuals through the complexities associated with the criminal process in Massachusetts.  The criminal defense lawyers at Berid & Schutzbank serve the communities of Chelmsford and surrounding areas including: Tyngsborough, Lowell, Tewksbury, Billerica, Carlisle and Westford.

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