If a person attends drug counseling will that stop the prosecution of a drug charge in MA?

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Our son was arrested for drug possession and is awaiting trial.  You should also know that he was arrested nearby a school in Lowell.  He has a court appointed lawyer but the lawyer hasn’t talked much to my son about it and hasn’t advised him on what he should do. I read somewhere that a person can ask the judge to stop the prosecution if he agrees to do drug counseling. Does that apply for a drug possession case in Massachusetts?


If your son was charged with what is called a “School Zone” violation (possession of drugs within 1000 feet of a school), he is facing mandatory jail time unless the charge is broken down to straight possession.  Drug counseling would not apply to this situation.  Whether or not drug counseling rules apply depends on the type of drugs.  If your son is unhappy with his attorney, he should seek out a consultation with a criminal defense attorney.  I would be happy to consult with him. 

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