I am getting a divorce and my husband wants me to sign a quit deed.

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I want no legal ties. Shouldn’t I wait until refinancing to sign?  We agreed that I am moving out and he wants the house. We agreed that he would try to refinance to get the house in his name only. I agreed to even help pay if it costs money to refinance because the house is now worth less than owed. We have our first court date in less than a month. I don’t want to sign a quit deed until the refinance and I know I will not have any legal responsibilities or destroy my credit. I want control if he can’t refinance so at that point we can try to sell or do a short sale. I have moved out and we have agreed that he will pay for the house from now on. Should I sign that quit claim deed yet?


If you are represented by counsel in your ongoing divorce, I strongly suggest you ask your attorney about this issue. Signing over the deed does not end your marital interest in the home. Given your concerns about his ability to refinance the property, my advice would be not to sign the deed until he gets approved for financing.

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