My ex husband wants to take custody of our son, we already have a court order child custody agreement in place.

Additional Information:

In 2001 my ex husband and I divorced and I got custody of our then 2 year old son. He had visitation and had to pay 100 dollars a week in child support. In 2005 my ex and I became a couple again and I ended up moving myself and our son into his house.
It has now come to a point where this relationship is still not working and I am in the process to buy my own home and move out. Of course I want to take our now 12 year old son with me. My ex husband says he is going to fight to keep our son with him. Does he have a leg to stand on?


Your former husband would have to prove that a Material Change in Circumstances has taken place since 2001. In order for me to give additional advice as to whether or not he has a legitimate chance of meeting his burden of proof regarding such a change, I would need more information. Please contact me directly if you are interested in setting up a consultation to discuss this possible case.  You will need an attorney to represent you in this matter. Good luck.

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